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Timo Vollbrecht ~ Fly Magic, Predicate Trio with Josh Sinton, Chris Hoffman & Tom Rainey, and Wing Walker Orchestra

  • Halyards Brooklyn, NY (map)
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8pm - Wing Walker Orchestra

The Wing Walker Orchestra is a collaborative large ensemble based in New York City featuring original compositions and arrangements by the musicians in the band. The confluence of ideas from multiple composer/improvisers gives the orchestra’s sound groundbreaking musical diversity.

9pm  - Predicate Trio with Josh Sinton, Chris Hoffman & Tom Rainey

“Josh Sinton has been kicking (and screaming) around Brooklyn since 2004. Last year he realized that playing with cellist Chris Hoffman and drummer Tom Rainey is the most consistently fun thing he’s thought to do in a while. So he’s sticking with it and writing a few more things for the trio to play. He’s got a new record coming out with another of his trios (musicianer) and you can find that also on planet internet (or on Iluso Records). If you come to this show, Sinton promises that it won’t be boring. Definitely not. Ever.”


10PM - Timo Vollbrecht ~ Fly Magic

Timo Vollbrecht - saxophone & clarinet | Keisuke Matsuno - guitar & pedals | Martin Nevin - bass | Jason Burger - drums

FLY MAGIC is the band of luminously fine saxophonist-bandleader Timo Vollbrecht. Based in New York and originating from Berlin's progressive music scene, he creates a magical blend of emotional intensity and vivacious energy, resulting in a genuine sound that often depicts the sensation of flying. The band transcends the limitations of musical genre by combining elements from contemporary jazz, post-rock, minimalism, new music, and experimental sound culture. Cultural diversity is one of their main sources of inspiration and tours have brought them to Europe, Asia, South America, Australia and the US. 

At Halyards they will present brand-new, freshly composed music.