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The Spring 2014 Mixtape has arrived...

Cover Art This is the moment you have all been waiting for. The Spring 2014 Wing Walker Music Mixtape has finally arrived. Our goal is to highlight some independent music from all across the improvised and creative music spectrum that we love. We want people to hear this music so we are offering a download of this music for NOTHING. That’s right, it’s completely free. If you like what you hear, PLEASE go purchase a record or two. All of these musicians want to be able to keep putting out albums and the only way for this to happen is if you actually purchase their music. You can listen to almost all of these musicians talk about their records in detail on our podcast. If you want to be the first to know about the cool things we have coming up, please subscribe to our e-mail list on the right hand side of this page! Thank you for listening!


Podcast 12 - Steve Picataggio

Record Cover Steve is releasing his debut album titled Two Feet on the Ground. This is a capital J Jazz record. We talk all about the tunes musicians and the true meaning of Wing Walker Music - honesty. In addition to all of the good stuff in this podcast, be sure to check out Episode 7 with Deric Dickens. Steve helped co-host and we talked about releasing records independently. Between these two podcasts, you should have everything you need to release your own record! Buy Steve's record!

Podcast 7 - Deric Dickens

dickens campaign pic

This is a good one! Of course, the episode featuring two drummers is the first one to go WAY over an hour. Steve helps me co-host as we talk to Deric about his incredible new record Oh Lovely Appearance…….of DEATH. Also, we get into drum line and small towns.

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