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Podcast 28 - Travis Laplante

battletrance We’re back! I’m happy to sit down and talk with tenor saxophonist Travis LaPlante. He just released a new album with his band Battle Trance entitled Palace of Wind which was released on New Amsterdam Records and NNA Tapes.  Can we start with the fact that this band has 4 TENOR SAXOPHONISTS (Jermey Viner, Matt Nelson, and, Patrick Breiner) that play almost continuously during this fourty-five minute through-composed piece? That is insane. This is one of the most interesting and powerful albums that will be released this year. Travis and I talk about how he came up the idea for a tenor saxophonist quartet, how he had not really heard any of them play before the band was formed, and how his band worked on dissolving their individual influences to develop a group sound. We also listen to three clips from the record itself. Travis is one of the most interesting musicians on the new music scene and talking to him was nothing short of inspirational. Enjoy!

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