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Wildcard-Marta Sánchez


1. Henry Cowell-Piano Music

It is a classic, but I am still amazed by all of the different sounds and textures that he can get from a piano every time I listen to this recording. These compositions explore all of the different possibilities that this instrument can offer (sound, rhythm, textures, etc...) and all of them have an incredible forward motion and great structure.


2. Chris Cheek/Ethan Iverson/Ben Street/Jorge Rossy-Guilty

This recording was made in a spanish Jazz club, El Jamboree, when these guys were not as famous as they are now. They play standards in a really fresh way. The four of them are really personal and their interplay is incredible, really happening... 


3.Silvio Rodriguez-Al final de este viaje

This singer-songwriter and poet is one of the musicians from the Cuban Revolution. His lyrics and melodies are simple and beautiful. I used to listen to Silvio a lot when I was an undergraduate. I guess he is an idealist that believe in an utopic and wonderful world and that is in his music...


4. Silvia Perez Cruz-En la imaginacion

I can´t say that this recording is one of the most influential ones in my life, but I want to present it because she is a young spanish singer and every time i listen to her it thrills me. I guess that this section is a little bit for someone to discover music, and I wanted to recommend her. I chose this recording in which she sings boleros with some of the most important jazz musicians in Spain: Perico Sambeat, Javier Colina and Albert Sanz.



5. Jeff Buckley-Grace

It is also a classic, but I am a really big fan of Jeff Buckley. His voice is amazing and he always sings with a lot of emotion. Every time I listen to this recording I get something from him. 

See Marta play with her band TONIGHT at Shapeshifter Lab in Brooklyn featuring Roman Filiu, Jerome Sabbagh, Sam Anning and Guilhem Flouzat. They play one set at 8:15. This band is incredible so you definitely need to check them out.  You can listen to some of Marta's music on her website here