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Wildcard - Devin Gray

Farmers By Nature - Love and Ghosts (Gerald Cleaver/Craig Taborn/William Parker)

I could listen to these guys improvise all day, all day.


St. Vincent (St. Vincent 2014)


Love the studio recording for its composition and production, but the Live In Paris videos rock even more...

Chris Speed -Really OK

Great trio playing, love the interaction and melodies.


Devin is a drummer and composer living in Brooklyn, NY.  His fresh approach to modern drumming has enabled him to play with many of America’s great jazz musicians. He has performed and recorded with innovative musicians of contrasting styles and backgrounds such as: Tony Malaby, Gary Thomas, Ingrid Jensen, Dave Burrell,  and more.  Current projects include a quartet recording (Dirigo Rataplan) and tour of compositions written for Ellery Eskelin, Dave Ballou, and Michael Formanek.