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Mixtape II

<a href="">A MIXTAPE Volume 2 by Wing Walker Music</a> Our second mixtape has finally arrived. Our goal is to highlight some independent music from all across the creative music spectrum that we love. We REALLY want people to hear this music so you can download it for NOTHING. That's right, it's completely free. If you like what you hear, PLEASE go purchase a record or two and share it with all of your friends. All of these musicians want to keep being able to put out albums and the only way for this to happen is if you actually purchase their music. DO IT!

1. Empyrean Atlas - Sycamore

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From the album Inner Circle featuring David Crowell on guitar, Andrew Smiley on guitar, Ryan Ferreira on guitar, Greg Chudzik on electric bass, and Jason Nazary on drums. Composed by David Crowell

2. Little King - Thought I Told You

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From the album My Friend on Not Art Records featuring Tomas Cruz on vocals, Richard Saunders on vocals, Michael Sachs on bass clarinet, Andrew Halchak on clarinet, and Timothy Norton on bass. Composed by Michael Sachs

3. Marike van Dijk - 22e (to everyone I miss)

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From the album The Stereography Project on Brooklyn Jazz Underground Records featuringMarike van Dijk on alto saxophone, Lucas Pino on clarinet and tenor saxophone, Ben van Gelder on bass clarinet and alto saxophone, Anna Webber on flute and tenor saxophone, Alan Ferber on trombone, Elinor Speirs on violin, Sita Chay on violin, Eric Lemmon on viola, Amanda Gookin on cello, Manuel Schmiedel on piano, Rick Rosato on bass, and Mark Schilders on drums. Composed by Marike van Dijk

4. Michaël Attias - Marina

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Unreleased. Composed by Michael Attias and then programed in Reason.

5. Old Time Musketry - Kept Close

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From the album Drifter on NCM East Records featuring Adam Schneit on tenor saxophone and clarinet, JP Schlegelmilch on accordion and piano, Phil Rowan on acoustic bass, and Max Goldman on drums. Composed by Adam Schneit

6. Machtelinckx / Jensson / Badenhorst / Wouters - Mr Maurin

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From the album Flock featuring Ruben Machtelinckx on banjo, Hilmar Jensson  on guitar, Joachim Badenhorst on clarinet, and Nathan Wouters on bass.

7. Twin Talk - Skoops

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From the album Sightline featuring Dustin Laurenzi on tenor saxophone, Katie Ernst on bass and vocals, and Andrew Green on drums. Composed by Katie Ernst

8. Bearthoven - Undertoad (Composed by Brooks Frederickson)

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Unreleased featuring Karl Larson on piano, Pat Swoboda on electric bass, and Matt Evans on drums. Composed by Brooks Frederickson

Wildcard - Brooks Frederickson

Phillip Glass - Glassworks

Recently, my listening has been focused more on music that isn't afraid to just do one thing. Phillip Glass' album Glassworks is a great example of this. Him and his ensemble lay out six relatively short pieces that do what they do, and don't try to do anything else. The music on the album is so bare-bones, so stark, that the listener has no choice but to focus on the little details - the voice leading, the subtle changes in texture, the rhythmic counterpoint, the phrase length.

Beethoven - Symphony 7, Movement 2

People jokingly call this the first piece of "minimalist" music. Beethoven uses the same phrase for the majority of the movement. What he does with it, though, is what's interesting. Each time the phrase comes back around, he's changed something in it - sometimes it's something so small, the listener doesn't even really realize what's different.

Pete Seeger - Banks of the Ohio

I've fallen for Murder Ballads. There is something is so beautifully tragic in a song about killing someone you love. This song, like most Murder Ballads, is about a man killing a woman who doesn't love him. Pete sing it with such innocence, that the first few times I listened to it, I didn't realize how horrific the story is.

Brooks Frederickson is a composer living in Brooklyn, NY. According to the New York Times, he has "a good-natured catalog of potentials."