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Mixtape III

<a href="">Mixtape III by Wing Walker Music</a> Our third mixtape is out now! Our goal is to highlight independent creative music that we can't stop listening to. We REALLY want people to hear this music so you can download it for NOTHING. That’s right, it’s completely free. If you like what you hear, PLEASE go purchase a record or two and share it with all of your friends. All of these musicians want to put out more albums and the only way for this to happen is if you actually spend your money on  their music. DO IT!

1. Brendan Eder Ensemble - Start

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From the album Brendan Eder Ensemble featuring Brendan Eder on drums, Sarah Robinson on flute, Henry Soloman on alto saxophone, Paul Curtis on bassoon, Andrew Leonard on clarinets, and Sam Wilkes on electric bass. Composed by Brendan Eder.

2. altopalo - hahsnheads

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From the album noneofuscared featuring Jesse Bielenberg on bass, Mike Haldeman on guitar, Rahm Silverglade, Rahm Silverglade on synthesizers, pianos, and vocals, and Dillon Treacy on drums.

3. Joachim Badenhorst - Handsome Eyebrow

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From the album FOREST // MORI on Klein Label. Composed and performed by Joachim Badenhorst on clarinet.

4. Bizingas - Along

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From the album Eggs Up High on NCM East featuring Brian Drye on trombone and synthesizer, Jonathan Goldberger on electric guitar, Kirk Knuffke on cornet, and Ches Smith on drums. Composed by Brian Drye.

5. Red Reiter - Push

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From the EP Red Reiter + Brandon Seabrook featuring Olli Hirvonen on guitar, Marty Kenney on bass, and Nathan Ellman-Bell on drums. Composed by Olli Hirvonen

6. Matterhorn - Brink

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From the album Matterhorn on pfMENTUM featuring John Blevins on trumpet, Nick Grinder on trombone, Drew Williams on tenor saxophone, Jeff McLaughlin on guitar, Marty Kenney on bass, and Nathan Ellman-Bell on drums. Composed by John Blevins.

7. Materials and their Destiny - Romance

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From the album Materials and their Destiny on ears&eyes Records featuring Curt Sydnor on keyboards and synths, Caroline Davis on alto saxophone, Aaron Dugan on guitar, and Jordan Perlson on drums. Composed by Curt Sydnor.

Podcast 17 - Brian Drye

Brian_Drye_by_Peter_Gannushkin-01 Brian Drye clearly leads and diverse and interesting life. We play music from three VERY different releases of his and talk about FIVE bands he is currently playing with: The Birthday Trio, The Crooked Trio, the Four Bags, Drye & Drye, and Bizingas. We're talking thrashing rock to jazz standards to chamber music with everything else in between thrown in.

We talk about what it's like to grow up with your father as a musician, what the Drye & Drye & Drye record will sound like in 30 years when his daughter joins the fray, and coming full circle. This is a great conversation that you should listen to! 

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