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Season 2 Episodes 3 - 7 - Alan Ferber - Roots and Transitions

This is a special podcast series where we will take a closer look at just one album. Over the next four episodes, we’ll dive into trombonist and composer Alan Ferber’s latest release, Roots and Transitions. I’ll talk with Alan, along with members of his nonet about the process of composing and recording the album.

In June of 2013, Alan received a New Jazz Works grant from Chamber Music America to compose an hour long suite of music for the nonet that he has led for over ten years. A few months later, he and his wife Jody welcomed the birth of their son Theo. The culminating suite of music, Roots and Transitions, is inspired by the first few months of Theo’s life--during which he shifted quickly between periods of calm, or “rootedness,” followed by periods of rapid change, or “transitions.” Alan employed these concepts throughout the album.