Season 2 Episode 2 - Michaël Attias

Renku, the long standing trio featuring Michaël Attias, John Hebert and Satoshi Takeishi, showcases collaboration and a true band sound. Their new album Live in Greenwich Village was recorded over two nights at the Greenwich House.

Each member of Renku integrate their sound. They improvise collectively but always sound like they have complete trust and comfort in whichever direction someone decides to take the composition they are playing. To me, this music features some of the best qualities that improvisation can promote - empathy, bravery, and joy. 

All of these traits could also describe Michaël Attias as an improviser. He’s a dynamic saxophonist whose playing is melodic and loose. He can access both a quiet, focused sound followed by a full and aggressive sound often in the same melody. His improvisations are captivating and fresh and sound at the same time new and old. In this conversation, we talk about the origins of Renku, the time he spent growing up in Paris and Minneapolis, and the changing landscape of New York City. 

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