Podcast 30 - Anna Webber

simple This is our 30th episode! This week I talk with saxophonist and composer Anna Webber about her new album titled Simple which is out on Skirl Records. It also features Matt Mitchell on piano and John Hollenbeck on drums. We talk about her relationship with both of these musicians and how this is not exactly an example of a younger musician calling up two more established musicians to try to sell some records and her humble beginnings as a “concert band” flautist and how she evolved into the jazz tenor saxophonist and “new music” composer she is today. Also, we dive deep into all of the incredible music we loved at the age of fourteen and cottages.

The record release show is on September 25th at Shapeshifter Lab at 7:00 PM. The Claudia Quintet is opening the show! Be sure to actually buy this album!

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