Podcast 19 - Kenny Warren

03-atxl Kenny Warren has a new album coming out called Laila and Smitty that might surprise you if you only know him as a badass trumpet player. He wrote some lyrics and decided to sing them in a band that combines his love of country and folk music with his more avant-grade sensibilities. We talk about his folk inspirations for this record, Colorado and it’s lineage of trumpet players, and being a sideman in a number of bands including Slavic Soul Party and The Walkmen. Also, Kenny tells about how he snuck into the Super Bowl this year.

If you like Kenny’s music, he will be playing a record (that’s right, vinyl) release show at Littlefield on Friday, May 9th at 7:00 PM. Please go! Also, you can download Your Well as part of the Wing Walker Music Spring 2014 Mixtape with a bunch of other great artists. It’s totally free!

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