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For Trees and Birds, Brad Skepik's Balkan Peppers and Wing Walker Orchestra featuring Michaël Attias

Music for Wing Walkers is a monthly concert series hosted by Threes Brewing featuring innovative music defying labels. Join us on Thursday, April 14th featuring:

8pm - For Trees and Birds

Jasper Dutz- Alto Saxophone, Bass Clarinet
Lee Meadvin- Guitar
Chris Gaskell- Bass
Connor Parks- Drums

To be or not to be; that is the quest. Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to sling the fated arrow or perhaps upon perchancing to dine with they who so forscorned thy scorn. Uptown traffic, downtown traffic, uptown traffic, downtown traffic. Forsooth! Thy own bare bodkin among the fated flowers would smell thy smell who smelleth early and who smelleth late. Upon a rapturous deconstruction emerges the youth and from the youth emerges: For Trees & Birds. Never upon never has the sky cried so clear a night.

9pm - Brad Shepik's Balkan Peppers

Balkan Peppers are an electric Balkan Jazz group led by guitarist Brad Shepik and venerable Macedonian-Rom percussionist Seido Salifoski. They weave originals and jazz with traditional dance music from the Balkans to Brooklyn. Forged from members of the Paradox Trio, Zlatne Uste, Slavic Soul Party, Yuri Yunakov Band and NYU World Ensemble.

Brad Shepik - guitar
Seido Salifoski - drums
Kenny Warren - trumpet
Ethan Helm - alto sax
Jeff Dingler - bass

10pm - Wing Walker Orchestra

The Wing Walker Orchestra is a collaborative large ensemble based in New York City featuring original compositions and arrangements by the musicians in the band. The confluence of ideas from multiple composer/improvisers gives the orchestra’s sound groundbreaking musical diversity.

Wing Walker Music was founded to discuss creativity and originality in music. Through our podcast, wildcard series, mixtape, and live shows, we have showcased some of the most interesting music being made by both established and emerging musicians. By highlighting similar threads in different types of music, we want to expose common ground between musicians and listeners to better reflect the way people actually listen to music. Thank you for listening.