The Wing Walker Orchestra is a large ensemble based in New York City that functions as a democratic band. Everyone contributes original compositions and arrangements. The confluence of ideas from multiple composer and improvisers gives the orchestra’s sound groundbreaking diversity.

In addition to original music, the orchestra has featured and arranged the music of guests including Michaël Attias, Shane Endsley, Alan Ferber, and Ralph Alessi.

The Orchestra features a rotating cast of incredible musicians and composers including: Nathan Ellman-Bell, Matt Honor, Jesse Bielenberg, Andrew Schiller, Marty Kenney, Marta Sanchez, Jeff McLaughlin, Keisuke Matsuno, Nick Grinder, Karl Lyden, Darius Christian Jones, Chris Misch-Bloxdorf, Danny Gouker, John Blevins, John Lake, Ethan Helm, Marike Van Dijk, Eric Trudel, Anna Webber, and Drew Williams.