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Wing Walker Music // Festival of New Trumpet Music

2018 marks the third annual collaboration between the Wing  Walker Orchestra and the Festival of New Trumpet Music. This year’s performance will highlight the inimitable trumpeter JAIMIE BRANCH with new arrangements of her acclaimed International Anthem release “Fly or Die.” View past collaborations featuring Ralph Alessi, Shane Endsley, Jonathan Finlayson, and Jason Palmer here. 

Wing Walker Orchestra

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Forest Boats

Forest Boats is the first single released by Wing Walker Orchestra composed by founder Drew Williams. Around this time, he was watching a lot of films by Michel Gondry and wanted to capture the feeling of the music in these films - mostly composed by Jon Brion. His movies and the music for them are melancholy, folksy, and quirky. 

Forest Boats is very simple and almost naive in a way - like children’s music. Even though it isn’t composed for a film, he tried to arrange the piece so it feels cinematic. Familiar characters and themes keep returning but each time they’ve evolved. 

“There is something massively appealing about the casual feel to the delivery of this eleven piece ensemble. The loose flow provides all kinds of breathing room for an array of textures to emerge and shine strong.  And when you add a lovely, embraceable melody to that quality, now you’ve got something bordering on addiction."

— Bird is the Worm