Music for Wing Walkers Returns!

Poster by Brendan Culp

Poster by Brendan Culp

Music for Wing Walkers Returns! 

Music for Wing Walkers is back at a brand new venue - Halyards! Our first show is tomorrow night! Help us prepare as the Wing Walker Orchestra gets ready to record our debut album in May! These lineups are stacked with some of the best musicians on the scene today

Feb 23rd

8pm - Kenny Warren/Tony Malaby
9pm - Nick Grinder 4 featuring Juanma Trujillo, Matt Honor, and Walter Stinson
10pm - Wing Walker Orchestra

April 6th
8pm - Keisuke Matsuno/Nathan Ellman-Bell/Justin Carroll
9pm - Angela Morris
10pm -  Wing Walker Orchestra

May 4th
8pm - Timo Vollbrecht FLY Magic
9pm  - Predicate Trio with Josh Sinton, Chris Hoffman & Tom Rainey
10pm - Wing Walker Orchestra

Season 2 Episode 8 - Matt Bauder

Matt Bauder is a saxophonist who plays with a full, fluid sound that also features that breathy whisper reminiscent of Gene Ammons or Ellery Eskelin. In 2011, Downbeat stated that "he €œhas a gift for isolating a musical language, mastering it and then introducing a personalizing twist." This is exactly what he has done with his two newest bands, Hearing Things and Day in Pictures. Also an active sideman, Matt might be the first musician to play with both Anthony Braxton and Arcade Fire.

Season 2 Episodes 3 - 7 - Alan Ferber - Roots and Transitions

This is a special podcast series where we will take a closer look at just one album. Over the next four episodes, we’ll dive into trombonist and composer Alan Ferber’s latest release, Roots and Transitions. I’ll talk with Alan, along with members of his nonet about the process of composing and recording the album.

In June of 2013, Alan received a New Jazz Works grant from Chamber Music America to compose an hour long suite of music for the nonet that he has led for over ten years. A few months later, he and his wife Jody welcomed the birth of their son Theo. The culminating suite of music, Roots and Transitions, is inspired by the first few months of Theo’s life--during which he shifted quickly between periods of calm, or “rootedness,” followed by periods of rapid change, or “transitions.” Alan employed these concepts throughout the album.

Season 2 Episode 2 - Michaël Attias

Renku, the long standing trio featuring Michaël Attias, John Hebert and Satoshi Takeishi, showcases collaboration and a true band sound. Their new album Live in Greenwich Village was recorded over two nights at the Greenwich House.

Each member of Renku integrate their sound. They improvise collectively but always sound like they have complete trust and comfort in whichever direction someone decides to take the composition they are playing. To me, this music features some of the best qualities that improvisation can promote - empathy, bravery, and joy. 

All of these traits could also describe Michaël Attias as an improviser. He’s a dynamic saxophonist whose playing is melodic and loose. He can access both a quiet, focused sound followed by a full and aggressive sound often in the same melody. His improvisations are captivating and fresh and sound at the same time new and old. In this conversation, we talk about the origins of Renku, the time he spent growing up in Paris and Minneapolis, and the changing landscape of New York City. 

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Season 2 Episode 1 - Allison Miller

Allison Miller is a malleable drummer and composer whose playing is not overtly showy but features deep and sophisticated groove. Her drumming brings to mind Questlove and John Bonham filtered through jazz music. Her band Boom Tic Boom recently released their fourth album Otis Was A Polar Bear on Royal Potato Family. It features most of my favorite musicians including Jenny Scheinmann on violin, Kirk Knuffke on cornet, Ben Goldberg on clarinets, Myra Melford on piano, and Todd Sickafoose on bass. These musicians each have a distinct sound on their instrument and are willing to take risks. The album is infectious and joyful which is no surprise since it is influenced by the birth of Allison’s daughter Josie. 

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